Monday, October 6, 2008

Attempt 1 at French Macarons

I absolutely adore french macarons. They are so cute and delicious and girly. But also come in such a variety of flavors. How hard can they be? ha.

I did a little research and should have paid closer attention. I used Martha's recipe and for the first time was disappointed.

Next time I'll try this one and actually follow her advice.

Things I didn't do:
- beat the eggs enough. Martha's recipe said medium soft peaks. It sounds like they should be a bit more stiff.
- fold the almond/sugar in gently enough
- measure with precision (one of my weaknesses as a baker)
- let them sit for 30 minutes after piping before baking
- pay attention to what I was doing

I should know better than to bake when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

They turned out to be too flat and too dry. Probably due to over mixing and over baking. Shoot.
The good thing is that they still taste delicious but they are more like meringues in consistency.

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